Julie Forbes

Julie Forbes

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

Hello! I’m Julie Forbes!

I was introduced to Wings Bridges to Freedom energy modality over 18 years ago. It changed my life! The effect it had on me was so profound that I felt compelled to share it with others. I have worked as a facilitator in this modality for 15 years. I am continually amazed and gratified at the many lives that are changed through this work!

Over the years I have also been active in many disciplines in the horse world. I believe that horses are spiritual in nature and are therefore amazing teachers. I’ve learned much through my work with them. It felt like a natural progression when I became involved in Equine Assisted Learning a few years ago. Today I hold certifications in both Wings Bridges to Freedom and Equine Assisted Learning.

When two passions are combined it can be magical! That’s how bringing Energy Work and Equine Assisted Learning together feels to me; it is my dream come true! There are no words to describe the healing that takes place when people just like you make a spiritual connection to their horse and release their negative beliefs with Wings!

It is my goal and purpose to help people who want to release the emotions that are keeping them stuck. My varied life experience and my work connecting with people emotionally and energetically allow me to offer compassionate, non-judgmental assistance on your path to freedom!