Sheila headshotI was first introduced to Teri over 6 years ago when I was riddled with neck pain, and a Spinal Specialist recommended surgery for a compressed disk. I started seeing Teri for massage therapy when she asked me if I had heard of energy work, and told me about Wings Bridges to Freedom. Through muscle testing we were able to discover that the pain in my neck was emotional, and through energy work these issues were cleared. The pain in my neck is gone and I never received surgery. This experience was the beginning of many amazing changes in my life. I now use Wings every day to clear the negative, and bring in the positive energy, light, and peace. My marriage is the happiest and healthiest it has ever been, my children are thriving, and we continue to live surounded by joy and peace. I attribute this higher way of living to Wings, and to Teri as an amazing friend and mentor. I recommend Wings to everyone I know and meet.

~ Sheila Hunter

I am blown away by how pure and easy wings is. I have made leaps and bounds of progress over the last 5 years using wings for myself and my children. I have released mankind tapes for about 20 generations on my paternal side and personally I have grown professionally and educationally. Wings is something I plan to practice for the rest of my life. I absolutely trust Julie and she is gifted! Julie is someone you can trust with all your secrets and painful memories. The one thing I love most about wings with Julie is that you just have to have a memory in mind and you don’t have to relieve  any graphic details of your painful memory. Julie can just release ALL the trauma by using energy muscle testing. I have left every session with my head held high and a weight lifted off my shoulders feeling like a million bucks!

~ Anjie C

Prior to WINGS I had completed years of counseling but was unable to move past certain road blocks in my life. When I found WINGS I was able to take the years of counseling and help me transform those beliefs that were not working for me and change them quickly. I have a love for WINGS for the energy work that you can do to help transform your life. I will use WINGS for the rest of my life along with working to improve myself personally, together they create true results.

Thank you for all you have done to help me Julie!!

~ Candice C

I stumbled on Wings like everyone else did. When the time was right, I was at the right place. I have always worked on making myself a better me. I have gone to great lengths to try to change things I didn’t like about myself. For instance, I was always thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. I tried really hard to change that and nothing worked. I thought that I was a failure. I went to wings and Teri cleared the blockage and I have not left the present since. It is a wonderful feeling to find the tools that allow me to stay in the present moment and move forward in my life. This is just one example of the many changes that I wanted to make and couldn’t do it without Wings and Teri’s help.


I love wings, it is better than any therapy. If you have issues, you can deal with them at wings and it’s done, problem solved. I think Julie is great, she listens to you and sometimes dives deeper into the issue if need be, and resolves the issue. I would highly recommend wings and do so to family and friends.

~ Donna S