Healing your Energy with Horses

Have you ever just stood next to a horse and smelled him? Truly stood in the moment and just smelled the horse. It is powerful!

If you have ever worked with, ridden or been around horses for any length of time you have probably recognized the power of horses to influence people in incredibly life-changing ways.  Developing relationships, training, horsemanship instruction, and caring for horses naturally affects the people involved in a positive manner.

Some if the benefits that can be achieved are:

                        •  “Feeling” to Connect
                        •  Healthy/Supportive Relationships
                        •  Clarity in Communication
                        •  Accountability through Responsibility
                        •  Work Ethic
                        •  Spiritual Connectedness

Horses naturally provide these and so many more benefits. Horses can provide for your emotional needs in a way that you don’t even recognize. It just is. Horses are a very large and important part of the self-help and Therapuetic community in a field called Equine Assisted Learning/Therapy. It is becoming one of the most popular methods of self awareness used by Energy Workers, Life Coaches and even Therapists.

You might ask:  “Why horses?  Why not other animals?” Horses can be intimidating to many, they are large and powerful. This creates a natural opportunity for you to overcome fear and develop confidence. Working alongside a horse, in spite of those fears, creates confidence and provides wonderful insight when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in your life.

Humans and horses are social animals.  We both have defined roles within our “herds.”  We both would rather be with our peers. We all have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods; an approach that works with one horse (person) won’t necessarily work with another.  At times, we seem stubborn and defiant.  We both like to have fun.  In other words, horses provide unlimited opportunities for metaphorical learning, which is an effective technique when working with even the most challenging individuals or groups. If you are open to the symbolism of the experience you are in right now, you will naturally be open to an infinite array of options for your life.

Horses require you to work, whether in caring for them or working with them.  In an era when immediate gratification, the “easy way” or “right now!” are the norm, horses require you to be engaged in physical and mental work to be successful, a valuable lesson in all aspects of life.

Most importantly, horses mirror human body language.  Some might complain, “This horse is stubborn.  That horse doesn’t like me,” etc. What you are really saying is “I am stubborn”, “I don’t like me”, etc. The lesson is that if you notice and choose out of your current “State of Being” the horses will respond to you accordingly. Horses are as honest as the day is long! This makes them especially powerful teachers. Dragonfly Soul invites you to experience what they can teach you!