Class Description

You will be taught the fundamentals of how energy works.  How to release negative energy, limiting beliefs and patterns replacing them with a simple, quick, efficient way creating a way to move forward with ease, making different, positive, healing, life changing choices. Release the stress and anxiety that can be overwhelming.

Wings Bridges to Freedom Level 1

Learn what Energy Work is, how Wings Bridges To Freedom addresses that energy work, Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) and the Hand Integration. This allows you to switch your belief from one that is not allowing you to move forward to a belief that will better serve you.

Learn about Connections, Gates, Chakras, and how to strengthen them in the Wings Bridges To Freedom process. This is the “nuts and bolts” of Wings Bridges to Freedom.. With this information you can assist yourself and others in finding issues that keep you stuck and how to release them allowing you to move forward freely letting go of emotional blocks. .At the end of this class you will have the ability to work on yourself, your family and friends.

Wings Bridges to Freedom Level 2

You will be given added tools to help find the issues and conflicts that plague us. Many conflicts are in our genetic code, beliefs, traditions and environment. Some issues are held in our physical body. This class focuses on the physical body, releasing blocks that create pain and dis-ease. Your abilities will be expanded exponentially. Working with and clearing the energy body releases issues that keep the physical body in pain. You will learn to release blocks that affect your ability to learn, including reading, writing, math and the ability to communicate and succeed in business as well as your personal life. You will also be introduced to more that can be done to help families, couples and loved ones. Learn empowerment exercises that will enhance the flow of energy in your body. You will work at a deeper level with the Wings Teacher and the class group.