Hosting an Event

Host a Foundation Retreat

Take this opportunity to EXPERIENCE . . .

Wings Bridges to Freedom Energy Clearing

Individual Energy Clearing using Horses

Personal One on One Energy Clearings

~At a Foundation Retreat, you will be taught:~

WHAT energy work is, and HOW to use it now to transform yourself

HOW to create your optimal reality. Living in Intention!

WHAT Vibrational Frequency is and HOW to raise yours . . .

. . .And Much More!

To Host a Foundation Retreat and attend for FREE, you will need:

    • A location to hold the retreat: private office/hotel or other conference room/professional space/convention room
    • A minimum of 12-15 registered people (besides you), paid prior to the event, by a designated date, in order for the event to take place
    • A caterer that prepares delicious meals
    • Access to an equine facility
    • Access to 3 or more horses for 2-3 hours on the second day

Questions? Call/Text Julie Forbes at 435.632.7697. She can help with:

    • A feasible budget range for location, food, and horses
    • Information on the types of horses needed for this retreat
    • Available dates and locations

All educational materials will be provided by Dragonfly Soul

Dragonfly Soul invites you to experience what horses, and Energy Clearing reveal to assist in your Self Transformation!