Creating Intentions

I recently had the opportunity to work with a large group (over 45 of them) of singles in the 30-45 year age group. The equine activity was designed to help them perhaps understand connections, relationships and their energy around those particular issues. I told them: I set intentions.

    • In my prayers in the morning for the day
    • For each equine activity that I am a part of
    • For meetings I am attending and/or are in charge of
    • For anything that I want to accomplish

Intentions are achieved by the way we “feel” so if I am creating an intention I then ask myself how does that make me feel? Feelings are the engines of life. It is what our life is built around. So does your life look like a Maserati, Corvette, big truck with all the trimmings? Or an old beat up, paint peeling, black exhaust spewing mess?   If we change the way we feel about something or someone then we transform our life. We can let go of needing to change others because we are busy working on ourselves. This allows others to react differently to us than they have in the past. In so doing we will notice a miraculous change in the way others respond to us or vice versa. We have complete and utter control. How powerful is that!

I would like to share with you my intention. It is to create a way for Wings with horses to be another avenue that people use to release the blocks that are keeping them immobile in their lives.   So that my clients will all walk away with a new “feeling” that will create a completely different outcome than they are experiencing right now in they’re life.

Back to the experience with the singles. It was profound! The energy change was palpable. It was Life transforming and my intention for the evening was achieved. It was exciting for all of those that participated.

I LOVE HORSES! They are sooo honest. They will tell you exactly who you are, what you believe and how to change it IF YOU LISTEN TO THEM.

Julie Thompson